Posted by: kathandroger | November 6, 2012

A penny for the Guy?

After 3 days of almost incessant rain we were fearing the worst for our Bonfire Night party. But in the event all worked out perfectly: a mild and dry evening. Roger was, of course, in charge of ‘erections’, and he did not disappoint…










The locals were extremely impressed – especially that the Guy had climbed up to his position using the steps! Roger may well be put in charge of the fire at the local ‘fete de la St Jean’ next year!! And if the locals were impressed, the goats were intrigued…









After a glass of vin chaud and jacket spud, we all trooped up to the field and watched Guy go up in flames…












Meanwhile, the other part of the evening was the grand opening of Roger’s ‘feature’. Luckily we were able to call upon the services of our friend Nicky (aka Lady Di) to do the honours and declare the ‘feature’ open in true royal style…










…at which point the party gravitated undercover for good old British bangers and ketchup and sticky Yorkshire Parkin. As always the French were intrigued by the strange British delicacies. They marvelled at our square sausages (and were even more amazed when they became round after cooking!) and were fascinated by Golden Syrup and Black Treacle…


  1. a very good party.thank you for this moment of distribution.
    les françois arrivent!!! to see the blaydon races… bizzz see you later

  2. It was a real pleasure for me to be Lady Di for the evening and the opening of my friends.
    Thousand thanks for these very good party.
    Lady di/Nicky

  3. Looks like you had a blazin’ good time…
    Congratulations on the article in Re”neigh”sance Lochoise by the way… spotted it this morning… but poor old Dennis doesn’t get a mention!

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