Posted by: kathandroger | November 3, 2012

Mad dogs (and cats) and Englishmen…

We have a suspicion that our french friends and neighbours think the British couple from La Belardiere to be a bit odd… We are pretty much the only people around here to walk our dog, which we do every day come rain or shine.  The locals’ dogs run around their gardens a bit and that is about it. This weekend our weather has been dreadful – rain, rain and more rain. But we are British and won’t be put off by ‘un temps anglais’ as everyone describes it. Today, however, not only did we walk Boudie, but also Dennis the cat… in the pouring rain. Hmm, maybe the french have a point!

And their suspicions may be further confirmed on Monday as we have invited them to our Bonfire Night Party. We’ve explained the ‘burning the Guy’ ritual’ (what with Joan of Arc they now think we burn people at will…), but I’m not quite sure what they are going to make of this…









(The Guy is the one in the middle!). Perhaps not typical early 17th century attire, but it will be dark and he will be perched on top of a fire. We’ve had English bangers (sausages, not fireworks), baked beans and treacle (to make sticky Yorkshire Parkin) brought over from Blighty and should it ever stop raining we’ve got a fine little display of fireworks, so it should be an interesting introduction to a fine British cultural event for our friends!


  1. Great post! Hope the weather holds up for Bonfire Night.

  2. Thanks for a great evening – hope to catch you both again early in the new year.

  3. Lovely evening – thanks folks to going to all that trouble!
    Pat and Tim

  4. Glad to see you’re still making a guy for Bonfire night – but where’s Roger’s favourite jumper?

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