Posted by: kathandroger | October 26, 2012

The wonders of nature

Back in May we reported that we thought our 2 fig trees had succumbed to the extreme cold we experienced last year. They were just bare sticks with no sign of shoots. Then, very slowly, shoots began to appear on the branches of the larger of the two, although the smaller one was still offering nothing. We were quite upset as the past two years we have had an abundance of wonderfully juicy figs. But eventually, in June, the second one also showed signs of emerging from its deep hibernation, throwing new growth up from the roots. We were delighted. Because they were so late developing, we’d given up any thoughts of figs, but were just happy to have our trees back with us. They yesterday, as I was mowing the lawn (for hopefully the last time!), I noticed 3 ripe juicy figs…

They are a little smaller than usual, but delicious nonetheless. Nature is a truly amazing thing!


  1. We thought the big fig tree in the village was dead, but they’re survivors! That picture is mouthwatering.

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