Posted by: kathandroger | October 20, 2012

The bad and good of life in France

Regular readers of this blog may remember my experiences with the French bureaucracy back in August.

Having been advised that my driving licence would take about a week to come…7 weeks and 3 phone calls later it finally arrived this week! The positive side, however, is that it doesn’t have to be renewed, however old and incompetent I become (explains a lot about driving in France) and it appears that I can drive a bus and an HGV (ditto…)!

The ‘good’ side of life here is never too far away though. Yesterday I was on a day long training course for ‘Les Restos du Coeur’, the charity we work for. The morning (due to start at 9.30) got going just before 10 and we rambled away for an hour and three-quarters, before a sudden sense of urgency became palpable. 12 o’clock was fast approaching and we wouldn’t want to be late for the aperitif! One of the volunteers who wasn’t at the training had been there all morning preparing lunch. Bearing in mind this took place in a warehouse with a microwave, one ring and a kettle, she worked wonders! At the allotted hour, the tables were cleared and the glasses and bottles appeared. ‘Kath, que veux-tu – Ricard? Pineau? Whisky?’ Drinks and nibbles were circulated. Next for the pate with various pickles…followed by the scallops in a mornay sauce…melt in your mouth roast beef, chips (proper) and green beans…selection of cheese….fruit salad….coffee all washed down with a couple of half decent wines. By 1.45 all was done and dusted and we were back to the job!

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