Posted by: kathandroger | October 19, 2012

Evelyne’s weather.

In France lots of things are different. Even the weather forecast. Here, if we are especially lucky, because she seems to spend more and more time relaxing,we have the pleasure of watching Evelyne Dheliat. Very French,fair, feminine, fresh and flouncy. Her performances each evening are a highlight of my viewing, a veritable dance of delight, more suited to a nightclub stage than the TV studio. And what lovely weather she sends! Yesterday she promised a wide band of rain all down our part of the country, the end to all my gardening plans. But this is no ordinary forecaster, it is Evelyne, and instead we had a lovely day, enough to get the compost heap dug out and moved, and it its place the foundations for the new greenhouse we have just bought. What lovely stuff the compost is. Rich and aromatic, mature and moist, but bloody tons of it to be taken to all parts of the garden. And then the digging out of the tree stump in the way. Now some people work gently and meticulously and silently. I find that cussing and kicking works for me. The roots were all over the place and the only way to remove them was with my big axe and lots and lots of sweating and rude words. But job done now and the concrete foundations are in, and the new compost heap moved to the other end of the garden. Why are compost heaps always square!  To find out I have made mine triangular; it makes the entrances to the two compartments larger, and I am sure digging out will be no problem.

But, after all this,the trouble and strife suggested kindly that the wind in the winter can be very severe, and we don’t need the greenhouse until the spring, so why not leave the instillation till then? Thanks my darling.

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