Posted by: kathandroger | October 10, 2012

Victory to Dennis

For the past few weeks Roger has been muttering about how it was time to relieve him of his manhood…

Now like all cats, Dennis is a slippery little thing and will happily use his claws and teeth when required, so keeping him still long enough to do the deed was going to be tricky. So when friends Ian and Vic said they were coming to see us, it was the ideal opportunity to do the deed, Ian being a surgeon too.

I could tell both were a bit nervous as they procrastinated all day yesterday (some pretext about having to taste and buy wine instead!), so this morning it was to be….

…but where was Dennis? Had he got wind that something was afoot? Had Boudie let on?

Eventually he strolled in and the two surgeons (combined experience around 80 years) tried to wrap him in a towel and inject some local anesthetic into his private parts. Easier said than done – Dennis was having none of it. Ian had heard you were supposed to put the cat in a wellington boot to keep him still, but Dennis wasn’t too keen on that idea either. Here they are grappling with the little chap…









Eventually Roger managed to inject him roughly in the right area, but Dennis gave much better than he got – Roger’s arm bears the teeth and scratch marks! Hmm, they thought, this isn’t going to be as easy as we thought. ‘Shall I call the vet and make an appointment’, I helpfully added. Hmm, maybe, conceded Roger, his surgeon’s pride dented. So Dennis’s nether regions may be a bit numb for the rest of the day, but at least the family jewels are still in tact!


  1. Aha… but you didn’t have any anaethetisticalysts!
    Now, if my friend Geof was here, I’d send him over!!
    After all…. he’s semi-retired now…

  2. pauvre denis ah ces chirurgiens si on leur faisait la meme chose…

  3. OMG poor Dennis Cat traumatised for life xx

  4. ok with you oonagh poor denis

    • All is great , no more work hurrah , puppy arriving in 5 weeks .

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