Posted by: kathandroger | October 7, 2012

Not a good day.

Life cannot always go as we plan. We must expect the bad as well as the good. Yesterday was not a good one.

To begin with it started raining, not the weather a chap wants when trying to put tiles on his new roof. But perseverence is good, so work progressed, if a little slowly and perforated by increasing grumpiness. The wife too, persevered, and continued cutting the lawn. Her brief sortie back into the house however, brought the news that Dennis the cat had done his business in our bath! Not only that, but he had apparently danced the cha-cha in it and spread it all over. The cat is definitely mine so I was charged with the cleaning up operation. I can think of more pleasant ways of spending my time, but the job was soon done and I returned to the tiling. “Rog, I can’t cut the lawn at the back-the slope is too slippery” It’s funny how simple comments come over as orders to be obeyed immediately, but I dutifully put down the tools again and made my way to the back lawn, with a joyous countenance for all to see. Lawn mowing was going well until I noticed a small hole in the ground. Those look like wasps, thought I, and remembered that I was wearing very baggy trousers. Bugger bugger, I could feel the pain in the upper inner thigh on both sides. Bilateral wasp stings, just beneath the family jewels! I guess things could have been worse, at least I was wearing underpants!!


  1. Cat do do & bilateral wasp stings in the nether regions! Truly not a good day but “felicitations” for your perseverance!

  2. Our thoughts are with you Roger… you’ve got plenty of onions we hope?
    And at least Dennis used the bath… there are a lot of worse places!!

  3. Reckon he’s turning into a grumpy old man…a bit of poo and a couple of itchy patches on his inner thighs…where’s the problem? When i get bitten and it is a bit itchy he always tells me to rub some of the dogs eczema cream on…guess what i suggested he should do…? Some of your own medicine, doctor!

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