Posted by: kathandroger | October 1, 2012

Poissons rouges

Each year we’ve been here Roger has asked for a fishing permit for his birthday, and being the good wife that I am, he has had his wish. Unfortunately the first couple of years he was too busy to use it more that a couple of times a season. So with our work completed, this was to be the year of the fish. Indeed, he has managed to fish in the river Creuse in several places and also in our neighbour’s lake. On several occasions I’ve been eagerly awaiting a delicious sandre (pike-perch), or even a pike, for our tea. Sadly, on each occasion, the haul has been a bit on the meagre side. It would seem, however, that I am missing the point and it is just as enjoyable to catch nothing, but enjoy the countryside than to come home laden with fish (man speak?!).

However, I was delighted when our friend Fred said Roger could have a go in his pond, even if it was to catch goldfish (poissons rouges). At least Roger would have the satisfaction of catching something. Actually, the purpose was to catch a few (13 of 10 cm each to be precise) for the pond in ‘Roger’s feature’. It may have seemed a bit trivial to we women folk, but the chaps were taking it all very seriously…

Fred showed the benefit of local knowledge to land the first fish…

Roger took some time to get his kit in order, whilst Fred took a commanding lead with 6 fish to nil. Eventually the ol’ fella got himself comfy…

…and managed to bag a fine specimen…

…not sure about the 10 cm though Dr Prior!

Anyway, this is my sort of fishing. Annick, Quentin and I also had a go and after 20 minutes we had our requisite 13 in the bucket. A most satisfying afternoon out!


  1. Kath, the most important thing about fishing is the sitting, watching and cogitating… if Roger has any John Wilson videos, just having a watch of those will explain all!!
    That is what I cannot understand about the French fisherfolk… it seems to be a ramble along a river bank with a rod in hand… if they haven’t had a bite after ten seconds, they are on their way again…. no relaxation at all… but we’ve a couple of large caaaaarp in the bief, if Roger’s interested… there’s a Kingfisher that patrols the bief too!

    • And…. is there something special about the number thirteen….?

  2. Roger had calculated that for the volume of the pond we could have 130 cm of fish!! (he’d found it on some website somewhere…). Hence 13 fish at 10 cm. Of course, we could have had 10 of 13 cm, or even 8 of 16 cm…

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