Posted by: kathandroger | September 28, 2012

Filbert Weevil, dog and mog.

The walnuts are in short supply this year, but we have loads of hazelnuts. They are bigger than last year and at present are falling in such numbers that they pose a barely climbable barrier to the chicken house. They taste lovely, but we are not the only diners on this one of nature’s bounties. Besides the red squirrel and the mice, lots of the nuts have little tiny holes in them and nowt inside:

Now I reckon that Filbert Weevil ought to be a character out of a Dickens book, but no, it is the little bugger that is eating the nuts. Clever photographer and neighbour Tim has even shown the devil on his blog…..le moulin-de-la

Meanwhile cat Dennis, apart from annoying Kath constantly, and eating the cheese, has been adversly advising our Boudie about her behaviour. Yesterday we were about to start our lunch, especially the newly bought rabbit pate, when it became very conspicuous by its abscence. All the rest of the food was there apart from the pristine block which the trouble assures me was there a few moments ago. Greedy hound, she must have just been able to reach and snaffle it whilst our backs were turned, and what an innocent look on her mush when she was confronted with her sin! She has carried on with her mothering duties though, and yesterday accompanied Dennis and me on a long walk to a local pond where I half inched some lilies for my pond.

Although “our” swallows left several weeks ago, we still see the odd one or two. But yesterday there were hundreds, all over the local area. I reckon they are all French birds, and just like the French they have to journey on the same day!


  1. Thanks for the link to Art en Saule Roger, but the picture is actually up on our other blog Aigronne Valley Wildlife. We’ve been seeing lots of Swallows too… and yesterday there was a large flight of House Martins… with a glow in the sky as the sun rose this morning and a temperature outside of four and a half Centipedes, I am very glad our heating engineer arrives this afternoon to give the boiler its first annual service… then we can get the underfloor on when needed.

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