Posted by: kathandroger | September 21, 2012

Roger’s ‘feature’

The ol’ fella has been beavering away for the past couple of weeks on his ‘feature’ in the courtyard. Et voila…









…There is still much to do, it would seem, a roof has been talked about, but I am not party to any of the design details. I was invited (instructed??) to do the painting, but that’s all..









And that is indeed a little fountain coming up through the millstone. All materials used, by the way, are from the farm or the barns. A friend has promised us some fish (Roger has calculated he can have 13 fish of 10 cm length!), which Dennis is looking forward to immensely, then a few pond plants will finish it off nicely…


  1. Put some trout in Rog and we’ll have a crack at them with a dry fly

  2. I think Dennis got confused re which Dennis ha ha
    Looks fab Roger .x

  3. Rog it is good to see that you are still being so creative!! A great job by the look of it. It’s a shame you don’t get the same weather as we are having here in Dorset. If you did then you certainly wouldn’t need a hosepipe to fill it….

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