Posted by: kathandroger | September 20, 2012

Autumn’s coming

The lazy days of summer are coming to an end. Our gite guests said this morning that they probably had finished with swimming in the pool – hardly surprising as the air temperature was just a few degrees above freezing. At least the sky is cloudless and in the afternoon it reaches the low 20s, but nonetheless, autumn is  definitely on the way. 

Our trees in the orchard are just starting to shed their leaves and along the hedgerows there is a perceptible tinge of orangey-red. The swathes of sunflower fields are in mid harvest – the black heads all cleared away in just a few hours, leaving short stalks everywhere. In no time at all the fields will be ploughed and the winter wheat sown. Where does the time go!!

Meanwhile, Roger is making progress with his ‘feature’. Yesterday he lined and started filling his pool…



…whilst Dennis looked on in wonderment…


And our first gite season is coming to a close. Our final guests are a delightful group from New Zealand. They seemingly enjoy their wine and have done a good bit of tasting on their trip. A couple of days ago they went to Vouvray. On their return we asked them how they’d got on and if they’d found anything they liked. ‘Oh yes’, they said, ‘one wine was particularly good, in fact we bought 16,000 bottles of it!!’ They were a bit put out that one person hadn’t turned up to one of the tastings they had set up….more fool her, is all I can say!!


  1. Sorry not to be in touch for a while but I have been in Missouri for the past few weeks. Its still a long hot dry summer here but the colors (colours!) are changing to fall (autumn). The humming birds are still around but they will be heading South in the next few weeks.
    Your tool museum reminded me of a hammer museum in Haines Alaska which had more hammers than you could use in a lifetime.
    The computer here is on a go slow probably because it does not like working in 100 degrees F temperature in the attic office.
    I continue to be impressed by the amount of work you have managed to achieve.
    Back to baseball on TV.
    No comment about football, maybe Charlton are out of their depth.
    Cheers, Tom

  2. Not sure CAFC are the only ones out of their depth! Not a lot of quality this year in the Championship – certainly not on the Tees!

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