Posted by: kathandroger | September 9, 2012

Swallows out, Hunters in.

The weather has been glorious over the past few weeks, and each morning the swooping swallows have greeted my early morning efforts in the courtyard, with their customary chattering voices. But on Thursday-silence! They have all gone home to Africa. When we converted the barns they had to learn to nest elsewhere, and this year we have had families in my workshop, the bike shed (pooping all over my new bike!), and in the paint store. All has gone well for them, and each pair had managed at least two broods of youngsters. It now seems that the mornings have something missing.

But instead…the hunting season has started! The hordes of white vans have been seen over the past few days releasing pheasants all over the countryside. And today just after dawn the first shots could be heard from all directions. Boudie obviously heard them first, and like the brave hunting dog she is came up into our bedroom to hide! I must say I prefer the hunting here, when everything is for the pot and the quantities are strictly controlled, to the excessive slaughter we were used to in Dorset. Perhaps a nice hunting friend will donate a bit of wild boar for us to sample!


  1. It beats me how anyone can call it sport when shooting a hand-reared pheasant or partridge. The silly things are so trusting. “Come here, little birdie, dinner…” Blam!

  2. How swiftly summer passes….

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