Posted by: kathandroger | September 7, 2012

Roger le macon

As noted in previous posts, Roger usually does need a certain amount of ‘management’. However on this occasion I have felt it right to cut him a bit of slack and leave him to his own devices….

I keep finding bits of paper around the house with sketches of walls, roofs and even water features, so it will be interesting to see what materialises. On Monday he started, with Dennis’s help, to arrange a few blocks of stone around the pressoir…

This morning, he has been putting the finishing touches to a wall, using his recently honed masonry skills…

I note that a power supply has been laid under the gravel, no doubt for the water feature…all very interesting. He seems to be doing very well without his usual supervision, so for once I may just let him get on with it!

Meanwhile, the weather continues to be hot. We’ve gone a couple of months with virtually no rain and the temperature is expected to nudge over the 30 degrees again this weekend. Our lovely lawns are looking distinctly brown…

It doesn’t look very pretty, and the lawn darts game is out of action as the darts won’t stick into the ground – but at least  we don’t have to cut the grass any more!

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