Posted by: kathandroger | September 4, 2012

Queen Johnny

France doesn’t do royalty. They chopped all their heads off many years ago, and I believe they have been regretting it ever since. Our friends all know about the latest happenings in the Royal Family in UK, and I detect a certain degree of envy. Lady Di is still worshiped here, especially as France was the venue of her demise.

But France has her own almost royal hero. Johnny Hallyday is an ageing rockstar, now about 70, who is as close to the hearts of the French as Camembert cheese. He can still sing a bit and arthritically sway his hips, but it has to be said that his looks are a bit, well, like the Camembert, not improving with age. All the French love Johnny, and it was no surprise that yesterday the news headlines were not about the national economy or the disaster in Syria, but that the ancient chanteur had come out of hospital after having a bad chest! Funny lot these French.

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