Posted by: kathandroger | August 17, 2012

The canicule and the bread box

We have just been put on vigilence orange for the canicule, or heat wave that is sweeping up from the south. That means that special measures have to be put in place  to protect the vulnerable from the effects of the extreme heat. A canicule is defined as a period of extreme heat, lasting 3 days minimum, during which the daytime temperature exceeds 36 degrees and the nighttime temp doesn’t drop below 21. ‘Phew, wot a scorcher’ is the english translation, I believe! It is the sort of weather in which you really can’t do too much more than lie in a hammock, sipping a cool beer, taking the occasional dip in the pool… Life can be tough sometimes….

Despite the heat, Roger has been demonstrating his carpentry skills again. We have a daily bread delivery and ever since we arrived here I have been hanging a bag on the handle of the gate. But over the years the bag has virtually disintegrated, so I suggested to Roger (those old man management skills coming into play again) that it would be nice to have a special box that protected the bread from the rain and that meant we didn’t have to remember to put a bag out every day… The ‘ol fella likes nothing better than a little project, so off he disappeared into the workshop, sawing, planing, bashing and planing again…and hey presto…

It is solid oak and benefits from a couple of lovely internal features…

There’s a slot for the coins and a place to write our daily order, so Madame knows what we want. I suspect I shall be quite the envy of Maziere!


  1. OMG what with a heat wave and a new superdooper bread box, You guys have it made….
    See you very soon oon xxx

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