Posted by: kathandroger | August 6, 2012


We’ve come down with a very bad case of Oympicitis over recent days. I realised today that we have completely lost touch with what’s is going on in the world outside the Olympic venues! Moreover, we are not doing or seeing anything of any interest to blog about….

But it is worth it. These games are fantastic, especially if you are British. The French started well – and made sure we knew about it – but now we’ve left them for dead 10 or so gold medals behind. Not that we are letting them know about it of course. We have French tele, so have been subjected to rather too much judo, handball, fencing and greco-roman wrestling (now that really is terrible) and sadly haven’t seen a single minute of hockey. Not a patch on the Beeb, I’m afraid.

One thing I heard today did make me smile…If Yorkshire was a country, it would be 7th in the medal table.  Come on God’s Country, let’s beat the French!


  1. Go you Tykes! Test cricket on the radio from Headingley made me feel homesick, but makes a change from the Olympics.

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