Posted by: kathandroger | August 4, 2012

…back again!

When our gite guests, Mike, Anita and the boys, left this morning they were sad to go and assured us they’d be back. We didn’t quite expect their return to be quite as quick –  here they are this afternoon having just moved into Le Potager…









Unfortunately their car broke down in the way back, luckily not too far way, so Roger was able to got to their rescue equipped with the trailer to take their luggage! It was a pleasure having them for the first fortnight over in the other gite, so actually we are delighted to have them back. I might just check out the french laws on squatting in, though, just in case….!

Dennis is turning out to be the star turn amongst our guests. I have been encouraging people to pop him in their suitcases, but he’s still here. However, I reckon Boudie would have something to say should anyone want to whip him away…


  1. No “reckon” about it. He’s giving you the warning formula in this photo! Even Jacques thinks that’s the cutest ever!

  2. I’m really rather jealous! I would have loved another few days in the marvellous Potager, but had girls to deliver to summer school/home so not to be. Looking forward to another visit hopefully soon!

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