Posted by: kathandroger | July 27, 2012

Man management-2

“I need a new cupboard for all the linen in the gites” “Yes wife, where would you like it ?” “In that awkward place in the toilet downstairs, where the walls are at a difficult angle.” “OK my darling I will start immediately”.

It all began like that, a simple command from the boss which had to be obeyed. The trouble was the access to the place is difficult, the shelves impossible to fit accurately and it would have been easy to fit a curtain in front of the shelves rather than a door. I suggested this to my superior in my most pleading manner, but was told in no uncertain terms that a locking door is essential because guests have a habit of raiding cupboards to take new linen. Sandra said so. Now Sandra is our gite guru,hugely gifted and long in the business, who has been invaluable in giving us advice, and whose words of wisdom are almost as important as Kath’s. So there it was, a new door, of the locking kind, had to be fitted, along with a new wall and tiling at the base.

After a few days intensive work the task was complete.

We saw Sandra a few days later, and I told her that her cupboard had been finished. “What cupboard?” said she!

Sly man management or what!!!


  1. You’ve been done!
    [PS: Tail light on trailer now fixed will try and get over next week.]

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