Posted by: kathandroger | July 21, 2012

Posing the Pressoir.

One of the first bits of demolition in the barns before we started the renovation was the removal of the old wine press. It was set in a huge concrete base and suffered a little when bashed out with a huge digger. Since then it has laid sadly on its side on the edge of the courtyard, neglected whilst all the more important construction was going on. But no more! The problem was that the solid iron machine weighs a huge amount and there was no way even several of us could move it manually. Friendly farmer to the rescue again! Manu offered to help and arrived with his “telescopic” on Thursday, and, with the help of his young son made the lifting look very easy. The problem then was to get it upright, especially as the base had been bent previously. I love problems like this and had laid awake at night for days on end trying to figure it out. All went smoothly, to my surprise, with a system of ropes tightened by twisting each in turn until it looked right. Then I had to concrete it into the hole. No problem except it was 32 degrees that afternoon and hand mixing concrete is quite an effort, especially after having ridden 96km with the club that morning! Next day the concrete was set, the surround fixed and the painting done-two hours before the guests arrived for our party!


  1. Well done all. It looks magnificent!!

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