Posted by: kathandroger | July 20, 2012

Party time

We have a free week in the gites, so decided we should take advantage to invite a few friends around to drink to celebrate the end of our work and the opening of our gites. It was all a bit last minute and as the french tend to go off on their hols at this time of year we thought we might be a select group. In the event we are not sure how many turned up, but I’d hired 102 glasses and all were used! We were particularly delighted to welcome the former owner of La Belardiere. Now in her 80s she moved to the farm in 1947 when she married the farmer. Roger produced a few of the items he has found around the farm, such as the beater for beating the washing down at the lavoir. It clearly brought back memories as she told us she used to wash in the lavoir over the road from the farm until 1953 when her husband bought her a form of washing boiler…and apparently they were at the forefront of luxury gadgets at the time! She was accompanied by her daughter who was born at the farm almost 60 years ago. Lots of memories! Although a bit emotional, luckily they are very happy with the work we have done at ‘their house’.

The french are very generous with their gifts on such occasions, so we have spent a lot of today sorting out flowers, various beverages and other beautiful little presents. In the end it turned into a much more major event than we’d envisaged…but it would seem it was enjoyed by all!

Meanwhile the sunflowers all around are at their very best. Here is the big field that surrounds us, looking up towards Roger’s kiosk…


And more of the cat… Dennis was of course the star attraction at our party. He even got his very own present! Boudie continues to amaze us when it comes to her feline friend. Normally she hates people playing with her tail, but Dennis seems to get away with anything. Here he is treating Boudie’s tail as his plaything!



  1. Hi,
    Your whole day of celebration sound terrific – what a generous couple you are.
    Sandra and I have been very busy in the UK all this year and have harldy managed to get home to the Touraine ~ but the sun is out and we do hope to see you both again over the summer.
    Yours tenderly,

    PS: Any chance of a photo of the beater used at the lavoir – I’d love to post it on my blog? I’ve a wee campaign in mind to have our lavoir in Le Chatelier restored – though the thought of a Committee fills me with no little dread. If you have an image my e-address is

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