Posted by: kathandroger | July 14, 2012

The manace

Dennis has been with us for a couple of weeks now and has very much made himself at home. I have to say, we couldn’t have named him more appropriately! Dennis the menace he is. He’s into everything, constantly trying to climb up my legs, hangs onto Boudie’s whiskers and is starting to chew anything he can get his teeth into. His only redeeming feature as far as I can see is that his is very very cute..








Boudie has been amazing with him. She is incredibly patient and remarkably gentle despite how irritating he can be. The only slight problem comes when she is lying asleep and Dennis climbs onto her back. Now our dog can go from asleep to flat out sprint in seconds when a car/tractor/motorbike passes. The other day that is exactly what happened. Dennis got quite a shock!


  1. IF he’s going to grow into those ears, he could end up quite a big cat! He’s adorable.

  2. Just like my Dennis the Menance he can sleep anywhere tee hee !! I am glad he has one redeeming feature being cute ….bless !!! Dennis le chat I mean …

  3. Merci pour cette charmante soirée au gites de la Belardière !
    bravo opour votre travail, tout est parfait.
    a bientôt

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