Posted by: kathandroger | July 12, 2012

Sunny flowers

The weather again I’m afraid! Still cool and dampish. No rain for a couple of days but certainly not what it should be. And more garden victims I’m afraid. We were feeling smug about not having any tomato blight, when many others did…then this…








.. the tell-tale black patches on the stems and brown patches developing on the tomatoes. We ripped out 5 plants; lucky we’ve got 50, although I’m not confident there will be many left by the end of the year.

At least the flowers are sunny.








This is the view from Roger’s kiosk at the top of the field. In fact all around us this year is a sea of yellow sun to brighten us up!

Whilst up at the kiosk we came across our goats, Moins Dix and Tittie. We just happened to have taken a bit of stale bread with us – Moins Dix couldn’t get it into his mouth quickly enough…










There is much consternation about the weather here this week as it is the first week of the french hols. And that of course marks the start of our summer plays up at the caves. Luckily it is the same as last year, so not much learning to be done. We had a good crowd last night for the opening night, which seemed to go without a hitch. Here are some of the cast warming up their tongues before the show..









Right at the end of the evening Roger made one of those classic linguistic errors that just has to be recounted. We were chatting with our friends Gilles, Claude and Serge about tomato blight, as one does in the country, and what can be done to treat it. Roger was well into that conversation, then seemed to drift off a bit. The chat turned to Gilles’ heart condition and the new ¬†treatment he is due to start in September. At that point Roger came back in, with his medical expertise, to tell Gilles there was no point, it was too late. Faces dropped. Oh dear, poor Gilles. Would it be the end? Then the penny dropped. He was still on the tomatoes…much to everyone’s relief!


  1. Priceless medical advice!

  2. Plenty of green tomato chutney then… sorry to hear about the toms though. Ours haven’t even got to the fruiting stage yet… in fact… I’m not sure that they aren’t trying to crawl back into the ground.
    And that has got to be the first wide-mouthed goat I’ve ever seen!!
    Keep well!

    • In fact, looking at it again… I’m sure there is a touch of Bruce Forsythe about that face!!

      • I think you might be right! Perhaps if we find him a tall leggy blond he might make us a fortune by presenting game shows!

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