Posted by: kathandroger | July 9, 2012

What’s up with the weather?

There’s a proverb here which says ‘pluie du matin n’arrete pas pelerin’, which literally means that the pilgrim isn’t put off by morning rain, ie we should be determined and not put off by little obstacles. Now yesterday was our cycling club picnic. An early rise to get to the start for an 8am departure and 90 km through the Gartemps Valley. The only problem…the rain. There were several mentions of the above proverb, so we were clear from the start there would be no sloping off to a local bar to keep dry! Anyway, all turned out well as it did stop raining and we had dried out nicely for our several-course picnic which was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Then again this morning, we woke up to rain. And according to the forecast, we are in for a repeat most days this week. What’s going on? Our tomatoes aren’t ripening, and indeed several people have reported cases of blight. Still no beans to pick. And the sunflowers, which surround the house this year and will eventually look beautiful, are a good 3, if not 4 weeks behind last year. When will summer finally begin?


  1. At least this year’s sunflowers are growing like triffids with no need to irrigate!

  2. The irony is, that I have french beans to pick on the allotment! (Provided I wear waterproofs and wellies)

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