Posted by: kathandroger | July 2, 2012


For quite a while now Roger has been going on about how he would like a cat. As we already have a dog, 5 chickens, 3 sheep and 2 goats I think we have quite enough livestock and a cat is just one more hassle when we go away. And a kitten – well it will probably destroy the house! I thought I had an ally in Boudie who generally can’t bear the sight of a cat.

So when Oonagh, one of our guests, returned yesterday with a tiny kitten she’d found in the middle of the road in the middle of nowhere, I somewhat anxiously started to come up with reasons that it couldn’t live with us. As soon as Roger saw it, however, I knew the battle was lost. But surely my Boudie wouldn’t let me down…


After all, it was about the size of a rat, so surely our fierce hunter would make short work of it…


Like everyone else, Boudie was immediately smitten and went into mother mode, protecting the little creature from the chickens who showed a bit of aggression. OK I said, if it’s a male it can stay, but we’re not having a female or we’ll have kittens all over in no time. We turned it upside down to examine its bits, but despite having a doctor in our midst, the results were inconclusive. Next, Youtube, how to sex a kitten… A male! So it looks like we’ve got a cat now and henceforth he will be known as Dennis,after Oonagh’s husband.


  1. Dogs never cease to amaze!
    We are currently trying to care for an intact male cat (not entirely ours, probably not anybodiy’s) who flees at the V word and has bad bite wounds all over his body. It’d be doing Dennis (the kitten!) a kindness to get him “done” – he’ll live longer too. Get him along to the V anyway for a checkup and vaccinations too. We use the vets in Descartes, they’re very good.

  2. Hi all home safe and sound , Ange and girls back in Wales. We also have some fab photo’s of Boudie and Pussy cat Dennis,aahhh!!!I hope you will forgive me for bringing the little kitten back to you,he/she will be the best mouser ever!!! and how could I have left it ? . xxx

  3. […] Dogs are supposed to hate cats and Boudie is no exception. She sometimes barks so hard at the cats over the road that her back legs come off the ground. But Dennis is different; he’s not a cat in her eyes. When he arrived here she very much treated him as her little one… […]

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