Posted by: kathandroger | June 28, 2012


Only yesterday morning, during our Wednesday club cycle ride, was I discussing the prevalence of ‘le Dorifor’, or Colorado beetle. Last year many people’s potato crops were devastated and a few seem to having problems again this year. I felt quite smug that we had escaped.

Now this year we have planted 4 varieties of potato, one of which is organic. I just happened to be walking through the potager  yesterday afternoon, when I noticed these on the organic plants…











Having never seen a Colorado beetle, I couldn’t be sure that was our problem, but a quick dash inside to consult Google confirmed my worst fears.  The limit of the devastation was very clear – the organic crop was infested, the others, even though they are right next to the organic ones, were clear…at the moment at least. What we actually have are the grubs, which change in a few days into the black and yellow adults. You are supposed to pick them all off the leaves, though that seemed a virtually impossibly task, so the decision was taken to rip out the whole organic patch and cross our fingers for the rest. Watch this space!


  1. Happened to us, (Colin and Julie) unfortunately the advice we sourced was to not grow potato’s for a couple of years. Keep an eye on your tomato’s and Aubergines because they are the little buggers second choice food sourced. Fortunately a bit easier to control.

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