Posted by: kathandroger | June 22, 2012

The second house that Kath & Roger built….

Our first real guests (we had a group a couple of weeks ago, but they were just here for a wedding) arrived around 5 pm last saturday. Luckily, at 4.30, the finishing touches were finished! Here’s how gite number 2, Le Potager, has turned out…























We’ve been well and truly spoilt with our first guests – an absolutely delightful threesome – couldn’t have been a more pleasurable start to sharing our house!

Changing the subject, this was supposed to be our chick-hatching week. Disappointing news I’m afraid. The Smoker sat for 3 and a half weeks to no avail. No sure if it was an egg problem, or if she got up a few too many times, but we have had to forcibly remove her from her nest this week as it was clear her eggs were not going to hatch! All well now, she seems to have forgotten the whole experience.

Finally, I have to confirm how good my husband is to me. He’s let me buy a super-duper iron and ironing board! This is a real beast…







The board is almost twice as wide as the old one and it suck and blows – ‘what a racket’, commented the old fella. The iron is plugged into steam and irons out the creases like a dream. What a lucky girl I am!


  1. The gite looks super! I’m so glad your guests liked it. And lucky you to have a new ironing station! just what you need for all that linen you’ll be getting through. And you can freshen up curtains with that steam iron, too. Just what a girl needs after a busy day.

  2. Superbement rénové, je vous conseille le petit gite avec vue sur potager !

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