Posted by: kathandroger | June 17, 2012

An unexpected evening!

Yesterday evening was due to be our village picnic. We’ve been to 3 of these now and they are always memorable affairs with over 200 of the locals turning out for a mass eat and drinking session, followed by a lantern-lit parade up by the troglodyte caves. So we were very much looking forward to this one, packed up our extensive picnic and headed off. The only problem – on our arrival, we were the only ones! The marquees were there, but no friends. Hmm, we thought, have we got the dates mixed up? So off to see friends Gilles and Claude to discover that Claude had left us a message earlier in the day (sadly we were too busy to look at our messages) to say it was off as it was a bit damp. By the evening, however, it was sunny, warm and pleasant – a hasty decision?? A good job, we reflected to Claude, that they locals don’t live in the UK or they would never do anything!!

So, after a quick visit of their garden, Claude thought there was nothing else to do than get out a bottle or 6 of homemade aperitifs, a plate of charcuterie, a savory cake that just happened to be on the table and a bit of cheese. Having tasted the bitter orange, raspberry and walnut aperos, our hosts suddenly remembered they were due up to the caves, dressed in 19th century costumes, to participate in an evening of story telling. The next thing we knew, they had kitted us out too and off we headed. Roger was to smoke his pipe (pretend) with the other chaps, and I was to sit with the ladies….knitting!! Needless to say, that was pretend too! Not quite the evening we had in mind, but one we won’t forget in a hurry!

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