Posted by: kathandroger | June 15, 2012

The Smoker’s maternity.

She’s called the Smoker because she is a “cendre”, a french breed distinguished by the sooty colour and black beak. And yes, she is a chicken. We only have five at the moment, but she has been sitting for three weeks now and her chicks are due at any time. We don’t have a cockerel, and we swapped a dozen of our eggs for some allegedly fertile ones from a local friend. All pretty routine, but the remarkable thing about the Smoker is her laid back attitude to covering her brood. The other chickens go into the coop to lay each day, and that seems to be her signal to get off the eggs and have a little wander and chat to her mates outside. Her replacement sits on her eggs and lays another, and she seems to know exactly when the deed is done and dutifully returns to her duties. I think she is probably a reluctant mother.

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