Posted by: kathandroger | June 8, 2012


During all our works, we have had lots of our requirements sent by courier. This is convenient, usually quick, and means I don’t have to lug great objects into the car. Now producers obviously  have a poor impression of the delivery services, as all the packages come ensconced in multiple layers of impenetrable protection. Our project would have been over much sooner had we not had to spend hours and hours retrieving our orders from their protective armour. Bubble wrap, polystyrene, sticky tape, wood battens, and most of all cardboard have been received by the hundredweight. I had tossed all the debris into the wood store, and luckily the local primary school have organised a collection of paper and cardboard to make some cash for the nippers. Yesterday was delivery time so I spent a couple of hours piling the spawn of our deliveries into the car and the trailer. That was only the start of the game however. The wind chez nous has been howling recently, and unloading the spoils into a very large skip was a bit like emptying one’s bladder directly into a hurricane-not to be recommended. Each package I hurled came back to  determined to wrap me once again in its clutches. Much cussing but eventually the job was done. Perhaps we’ll go directly to the shops next time!

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