Posted by: kathandroger | June 6, 2012

The hare and the bicycle

As we may have mentioned before, we belong to a cycling club and every Wednesday we pootle around the local countryside for 3-4 hours. This morning was no exception – 90 km along country lanes. With the rain we had, followed by the sunshine, the crops are growing rapidly, particularly the sunflowers, which are in great abundance this year. There are more wild flowers than I have seen in previous years too, again down to the weather conditions I suppose. Now as everyone knows, as well as great cyclists, the French enjoy their food and particularly fresh produce. One of our group was telling me this morning how her husband nearly had a bad accident the other day as quite a big hare ran in front of his bike and under the wheel, almost bringing him off. The hare did, though, come off much the worse, as when he stopped and checked it it was dead! On returning home he told his wife what had happened; her reaction? Not so much as a ‘how are you dear? Are you OK?…more of a  ‘well where is it? You could have brought it back!’ Needless to say, he was quickly bundled into the car and off they sped to find the tasty treat before someone else could find it. Luckily it was still there and within no time at all despatched to the freezer!

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