Posted by: kathandroger | May 22, 2012

Trusty old steed

We’ve written a lot about power tools and building materials during our barn conversion work, but it is about time one of the unsung heroes of the project was mentioned. Here is my trusty old steed…


The downside of having lots of windows (more than 20) is of course that there are lots of curtains. Given that the windows are odd sizes and that curtains are not cheap, I thought it wise to set to making some myself. Now I’m not skilled in the art of curtain making and I have never actually used the old Singer since I was given it some years ago, so I wasn’t quite sure how things would go. The ol’ girl belonged to my grandma who died some 23 years ago and I think the machine is a Singer 201 which was made somewhere between 1939 and 1963, so she has certainly seen some action! But she has been steady and reliable and together we have managed to rustle up the required curtains. Perhaps I’ll make a frock next…or maybe I shall get out and play golf? Reckon I may go for the latter!


  1. I inherited my mum’s old hand-driven Singer, years after my parents gave me an all-singing electric Frister & Rossmann Cub for my 21st (what a stereotype! my cousin Peter got a toolbox, much more useful). I never bonded with the Cub and still prefer the old Singer. Funnily enough, I mainly used the Cub to make curtains. Pauline

    • Mine has worked like a dream! Does you cousin Peter still have his toolbox though? Maybe the sewing machine was the better option even if a bit stereotypical!

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