Posted by: kathandroger | May 17, 2012

Fragile sheep

Roger always says that the problem with sheep is that they die on you for no apparent reason. I’m sad to say that our little lamb, Grubby, passed away in his sleep last night, for no apparent reason. Well he was a bit of a poor eater, ‘a poor dooer’ as him in doors would say, but he did eat and seemed OK. Here he is in happier times when he arrived at La Belardiere a couple of weeks ago…








I have to say, the other 3 didn’t show much emotion – only Tittie the goat seemed remotely concerned!

On a more positive note, we put up almost all our curtain rails today and most of the curtains… Furniture next… J-15 today!



  1. Poor Grubby. Such a cutie. 😦

    • Yes, he was cute, if a bit, well, grubby! Love your blog by the way. Sounds like you are doing a great job with all your activities. We love gardening too. Just planted our aubergines, courgettes and squash. Pity the weather is rubbish (but as I come from near Newcastle upon Tyne I’m used to it!!). Bon courage.

      • Thanks! I actually did my Masters degree at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne! It’s been 6-7 years since I’ve been there, and I miss it dearly.

        I love gardening, but ours is very much a work in progress. I’ll stay tuned for some tips from you.

  2. We say here that sheep are always looking for a way to die…. It doesn’t make it easier though and I am sorry. I have my girls and thankfully these have been very healthy, but I have had a couple of lambs like your Grubby for no apparent reason. I am sorry and well hang in there.

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