Posted by: kathandroger | May 15, 2012

Bathrooms and dead figs

The clocking is ticking down rapidly – just 2 and a half weeks to go – in fact it is J-17 today. I’ve moved on the cleaning, whilst Roger is boxing, filling and doing lots of bits and pieces. We had a bit of a break over the weekend with a trip to Ile de Re with friends. Such a beautiful place and the weather was kind (our friends thought there was a cold wind blowing off the sea and were well wrapped up…they have no idea what it was like growing up in north-east England and spending ‘summer’ days at Scarborough!). Anyway, we felt we deserved the couple of days off as last week was bathroom week. With 7 bathrooms there is quite a lot of tiling to be done! Most went smoothly, though Roger had 2 Italian showers to do and they proved a bit tricky. Here he is in action…









There was a bit of cussing (actually quite a lot!) but all is complete now and he has done an excellent job!

We are also fitting in a bit of gardening around our work. The tomatoes are planted, as are the courgettes, cucumbers and squash and our root veg, onions and spuds are in. On the fruit front, I suspect we are in for a poor harvest this year unfortunately as the frost came at the wrong time. More disappointingly, we seem to have lost our 2 fig trees, which for the last couple of years have produced the most delicious fruit. Neither are showing any signs of growth, whilst all the others locally are now sprouting leaves. We are still hoping we’re wrong, but increasingly it looks as though they have succumbed to the extreme cold snap we had. Shame.


  1. The huge fig in le GP was killed off, too. But don’t lose hope; when I looked over the wall a couple of days ago, there were new leaves at the very bottom… they’ve only just appeared… so it will have to grow up, probably through the old* before it will fruit again.
    *”through… there doesn’t seem to be anything other than maintenance going on in that garden at the moment!

  2. And you were correct! The tiniest of green buds – but signs of life at least. Perhaps our Montana which also succumbed to the cold may also recover…doubt it somehow though.

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