Posted by: kathandroger | May 11, 2012

No time to Blog!

It all started out as a relaxing move to peaceful France for rest and tranquility. I have never worked so hard in my life! The gites are nearing completion, but as usual there is  a last minute rush to get everything together. We have been feverishly tiling the bathrooms, covering ourselves with grout, and cussing when the tiles snap on cutting. In between there have been daily deliveries of all sorts of necessities, such as TV’s and clever boxes that make the Internet work. Add to that the beds and linen etc, and people wanting to look around, and telephone calls, and me breaking the car, and life is busy! The weather is lovely now, but that means the grass is several meters high and we have been cutting the lawns with a scythe. The garden needs planting, but the rotavator gets stuck in the mud and horse poo which I so cleverly applied some months ago.

Never mind, we are off to the Ile de Re with some French friends for the weekend, with lots of seafood and wine and much merrymaking. Cheers!


  1. Isle de Re – plenty of cycling opportunities – nice and flat, too. Lunch in a restaurant/Bistro overlooking the harbour in La Flotte – highly recommended!

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