Posted by: kathandroger | May 6, 2012

Car Boot hospitality

The French are a very welcoming bunch. We went to the Sunday market as usual today, but on our return home decided to have a quick look at the “vide grenier” in our local village. These are really car boot sales and are held in almost every village each year, and are usually well attended. Almost anything can be sold from the multiple stands outside peoples houses, and are very useful for getting rid of all the year’s unwanted gifts etc. We planned to stay for a few minutes only. Fat chance! After greeting friends at the first two stalls I was summoned by Bernadette, a lovely elegant French lady, to follow her into her pretty little cottage, and join her and Geraldine, another elegant French lady, for lunch. Kath had been engaged in conversation by some other villagers, but managed to join me some minutes later. We started with a tart, then some boudin noir (black pudding), cheeses and various wines, and were then joined at varying intervals by other villagers and cousins-all the French seem to have dozens of cousins, all bringing different foods and leaving their nuggets of latest information about one another. Add to this others coming in to look for natural relief and we intercoursed with half the village! It amazes me that we have come to know so many locals, and it is a real tribute to the friendliness of our new countrymen that we are made so welcome. Unlike the UK, the vast majority of people stay in the same area for life, and I guess that is one reason for the relaxed atmosphere.

We managed to get home before nightfall!

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