Posted by: kathandroger | May 3, 2012

Le printemps arrive (at last!)

After a couple off weeks of truly miserable weather spring has made a very welcome return. What a pleasure it is to be able to work in shorts and tee shirts, eat outside and feel the warmth of the sun on your pasty white skin! The chickens certainly thought a spot of sunbathing was in order…


The only problem we have is that the grass seems to be growing at a rate of several centimeters a day! Hence the need to get this years lambs. Francis the friendly farmer rang on tuesday morning to say he was on his way and he duly arrived with 4 bewildered little woolly beasts..


We were a bit worried as to how Moins Dix and Tittie would react given they had had the place to themselves since the last lot of lambs went off to the slaughter, but we needn’t have worried, they were best friends in minutes. Francis was a bit worried about one of the lambs who doesn’t seem to have got the hang of eating grass yet (he’d better learn soon, we’ve got acres of the stuff!) and said we should feed him some dried food in the yellow bucket (the latter point appears to be important, apparently sheep can tell colours and they are used to a yellow bucket…or is he just seeing how gullible the English are?). Anyway, we didn’t want to take any chances, so I headed out with the said receptacle, and…not the slightest interest/recognition. I left my bucket and headed off to lunch. On my return the bucket was empty. Somehow though I’m not sure the lambs had too much to do with it…


Back to the weather – we’ve had a huge storm tonight and it is cool again. Hopefully spring is not over already!


  1. “What a pleasure it is to be able to work in shorts and tee shirts, eat outside and feel the warmth of the sun on your pasty white skin!”

    Why did you have to post this… look at what you’ve done to the weather!
    Or is the weather your side of the river better…..?

    We managed to finish planting our spuds yesterday. I had been giving them swimming lessons… but I am hoping they will not be needed…. although the Gods watered the spuds in just as we were about to sit outside with a “completion” cuppa… the temperature went from 18 to 11 in a few seconds!

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