Posted by: kathandroger | April 29, 2012

.Swallows, storms and Specialised.

I love swallows. They always signify spring and their effortless grace reminds me of my youth! And what clever birds they are. Our pair are back in the bike store this year, and it amazes me how they find the same little space in the middle of France and manage to fly through the tiny opening in the wall to nest. I don’t even mind their calling cards all over the bikes. And another thing, one swallow on a wire can sound like several birds chatting all at once, the only bird I know which can do this, although the wife can manage it too! They are much cleverer than the redstarts, which refuse to use my delicately constructed nestbox on the right of the picture.

I think I know the cause of all the bad weather. It is since we put out the new garden furniture for the big gite-the wind has been blowing the chairs all over the place, and I only hope the guests have more clement weather or they will want their cash back!

The other reason the weather is bad is that I have bought myself a new bicycle. What else does an old fella do when he gets his pension? This one is made with a carbon frame and was designed to give a softer more upright ride for the elderly gentleman. I shall now cycle serenely like a circling swallow.


  1. Nice bike, Roger!

  2. Specialized ‘Roubaix’, triple chain-ring, CF frame? Some serious training to be done…?!!

  3. Now that is a bike! It’s even got suspension…kind of…very nice dad, there will now be no excuse for you not beating me up all the hills…

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