Posted by: kathandroger | April 28, 2012

Un temps anglais

It won’t stop raining! Since we arrived here full time nearly 3 years ago this is definitely the worst spell of weather we’ve had. Until a couple of weeks back our rain gauge (Chrissy prezzy) had registered virtually nothing. Today alone we’ve had a good 12 mm. Whenever the weather is a bit miserable our french friends delight in telling us “on se croit en Angleterre”, ie you’d think you were in England. Everyone chortles as though it is the first time anyone has uttered the words. We smile and say “ah oui” politely. But today it is true!

Back in Blighty it has been the final day of the Championship footy season. The greatest team in the world, Middlesbrough, have just missed out on the play-offs and so will spend another year in the second tier of the game. Actually I’m not that bothered which says a lot about the state of the game. As I was busy with the skirting boards this afternoon I was reflecting on the differences between English and French footy. Tonight it is the French cup final and for the 3rd time in history there is a semi-professional team from the 3rd tier of french footy in the final – Quevilly. Now when I was a lass I always believed that my team would win the cup or even the league one day. There was always that hope. Since then the Boro have gone on to a cup final (lost), 3 league cup finals (1 won, 2 lost) and a UEFA cup final (lost). But today, unless Steve Gibson sells out to some oil rich nation/Russian oligarch, the dream has now gone. Little teams can’t win major honours like they used to be able to do, or like they can in France. Money has distorted (and ruined) the game. It will be more exciting to stay in the Championship and have something to play for than go up to the Prem and struggle to avoid relegation. Nonetheless, well done the Saints who were promoted today – here’s to next season.


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