Posted by: kathandroger | April 15, 2012

Strulching and cleaning windows

We have recently come across a new garden product called Strulch. It is like mulch, but made from straw and enhanced with some sort of minerals. Here’s a handful..

As we are in the process of creating a few new garden areas we are keen to cover the ground with something that will suppress the weeds and help the ground to retain moisture. It would seem that Strulch will do that for us – and it looks good …





Watch this space…

Meanwhile, the window cleaners have been in…

We’ve got an awful lot of windows, so it has been quite handy to have the cheap British labour over to shine and polish. I have to say, as you walk by both gites are absolutely gleaming!


  1. Hi Folks… where did you get some of York Universities’ finest research product then… did someone bring it over for you? I saw some at the garden centre near Super-U in Descartes when we were looking at spud varieties… are they actually stocking it?

    • Oh… and how did you get rid of the strange adverts at the bottoms of posts?

    • It is the hot gardening product of Indre et Loire! Do you know Martin and Denise and Ian and Sandra? They are ‘Top Terre’, the official French distributors. If you would like a bag or more let me know and I can let you have their details.
      Re the strange adverts, not sure which ones?
      happy gardening!

      • Yes, it was Martin and Denise who dropped a bag off at the garden centre by way of introduction. They also bought our first two sacks over… going to try it out later this week or early next… once the rain has fallen… please let it rain!!
        M&D are our cat sitters. Hoping that “Top Terre” works for them!!

      • They keep appearing on WordPress posts… it is happening more and more.

  2. Looking forward to seeing how the garden turns out with the new “strulch”. Please do post some photos in a few months.

    Best wishes, Alex

    • Hi Alex – yes, will keep you posted!

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