Posted by: kathandroger | April 8, 2012

The Doc’s not a vet!

A couple of days ago Boudie started holding her paw and limping. No problem, I thought, I’ll get the Doc to have a look. She was reluctant to let us near her paw – poor thing, we thought, it must be very sore. Anyway, Roger managed to have a cursory look and seemingly she had a very swollen pad which had developed a hard shell-like crust. The verdict from the medical expert: a bit of antiseptic and rest and we’ll have another look later in the day. Being the dutiful nurse, I got out the antiseptic spray and tried to apply it on the inflammation. 

A few minutes later there was a noise outside and Boudie, being the attentive watch dog that she is, leapt from her bed and hurtled across the kitchen floor. In doing so, the half walnut shell that had got lodged around one of her pads fell off…reckon it’s a good job you’ve retired from the medical field Dr Rog!!

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