Posted by: kathandroger | April 6, 2012

Eileen’s garden

7 months ago our great friend Eileen died suddenly and unexpectedly. She loved coming to France to La Belardiere and we wanted to do something to honour her memory, especially when her husband Mike gave us the Euros she had left from her June trip to see us. We decided to create a little garden at the end of the swimming pool in her memory – Eileen’s garden. The cheap British labour turned up yesterday so we got them straight to work digging and planting…








Everything is a bit small at the moment, but it is a very sunny spot and we hope to soon have a bank of colour.









I think she would have approved…


  1. What a great way of remembering someone… your own memorial spot… it will have a bench that overlooks it, of course? Or a table and chairs?

  2. Brilliant idea concerning Eillens Garden and glad to see that “those two” are working rather than simply taking in the sun! PnJ XX

    • What do you reckon to that ‘spade action’?? They’ve opened the wine and are now collapsed on the sofa!

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