Posted by: kathandroger | April 1, 2012

Cars, cures and cuckoos.

I always wanted a Porsche. But then I had to get new teeth screwed in and the Porsche went for a burton. Anyway I am too old for all that racing about now so we bought a Renault. What a beauty. I can fit 3metres of wood in her, the dog can look out the back and she is cheap as chips to run. A few days ago I bought 50metres of metal fencing panels, a metal door, twenty fence posts and fixings. Then a big picnic table and sixteen chairs. How to get it all home? No problem with the Renault and the trailer-do that in the Krautbelter!









The Cure. No, nothing to do with music, but a scheme found in France which would not be believed in UK. If you have had an illness here, it is possible to be sent away to a health resort, completely free of charge, for three weeks recuperation. There all kinds of pleasant things happen, like massage, ultra warm swimming pools and lots of relaxation. All you need to do is ask the doctor. Imagine that! A good friend has recently returned from her cure and I must say she looks in fine shape.

Spring is finally here. The hot weather is just about still with us, but I never feel it is really springtime until I have seen the swallow and heard the cuckoo. The former has been belting out its bisyllabic greeting all last week, but I only saw the swallow today. What a lovely sight, and a timely reminder to get the early spuds in, which we have done today.


  1. Well done with the first earlies! Our bed is now ploughed and raked… the first early [Red Duke of York] goes in after Pauline has planted the last shallots. Oh… and then the rest!!

    As for Porches… you kan keip them! My mate Geoff is coming over in his later this year… his treat to himself after deciding to go free-lance from the NHS…. he is no longer a consultant anaesthetist but has become a a consultant anaesthetist…. strange old world.

    Like the idea of the “Cure”… the wood-chipper really works…. but is a beast to feed… requires full attention and I am now stiff in places I wasn’t aware of!!

  2. Althought “the Cure” can also involve 3 weeks in a ‘spa’ – which is far from as glamorous as it sounds – soulless down-at-heel hotels, drinking the water all day long (tastes foul, by the way), hosepipes and all kinds of unmentionable things….. The clinking of bottles at 4am each day is not the milkman, but the water delivery man – yes, they leave the bottles outside the patient’s hotel door each day so that he doesn’t miss any.

    Our annual holiday destination in the foothills of the Pyrenees, Capvern-les-Bains, has a number of these places in and around the village and there are always plenty of these poor souls shuffling around, clutching their bottles….

    I guess the patient has to be very careful what he asks his Doctor for…!!??

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