Posted by: kathandroger | March 26, 2012

Spring dog and the cuckoo

The clocks changed this weekend, so it seemed appropriate for the dog to change too! We have 2 dogs – a very hairy winter one, here with a very hairy husband…









…and a little slim thing, as below, almost shorn!









As it has been in the mid-20s for a few days, poor Boudie was sweltered, but once the hair comes off she is like a spring lamb jumping around the garden! The other hairy member of the household (the ol’ fella) promised me that he would have his locks cropped once the first swallow or cuckoo arrived. Well, I can report that the latter has arrived, so we may well have to get the cutting table out again tomorrow!

This morning we embarked upon our first parquet floor. Actually it is not real wood, but ‘stratifie’, or laminate – though we are very impressed with how wood-like it looks. We had watched the Youtube videos on how to put it together and as usual as we got going it didn’t appear quite as easy as the video makes it look! However I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it turned out to be once we got a little more practiced. Here is the finished article (skirting boards still to go of course…).


  1. Hi You two-sorry three.
    Just had a long conversation with your Mum and she broght me up to date with how the garden is progressing-it looks rather large!
    I understand that everything is almost complete – the floor looks great as does Boudie’s hairt cut. I can see who will be next. Agreed with your Mum that she would bring the paintings to the wedding later in the year so you can take them back to France.
    Good luck

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