Posted by: kathandroger | March 25, 2012

Far flung food and fishing school.

We live in a very rural part of France. The traffic is very light, and  cars pass our house only about once a hour. Visitors are always welcome, and it was nice to receive an attractive lady a few days ago. She managed to convince us that the frozen food company she represents would enrich our lives with the quality and variety of products they would deliver. She had nice hair so I couldn’t say no. A few days later our fish and veg. arrived. All very efficient, but the fish tasted like salty socks and was more water than flesh. Only then did I look carefully at the catalogue. The products are from all corners of the globe, from Alaska, New Zealand, Mexico and Norway to name but a few. Now we eat really well from local suppliers,  so where is the reason for a van carrying food from all over the world to my little world? Have we all gone mad?

But madness of a much nicer kind. Some good friends locally sent their sons to a school several miles away because it is the only school in France to offer a special subject, one which their father was particularly fond of. What is it? Why fishing of course! Truly, the secondary school at Nouatre provides a course for young anglers in their curriculum. What a lovely thought. Instead of all that cussing at calculus I could have been catching carp.

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