Posted by: kathandroger | March 18, 2012

Regulations (French-style)

We were at our Sunday morning cafe gathering this morning when a friend recounted a very french reaction to  new regulations. There will be a new law coming into force from July whereby anyone driving must have at least one unused breathalyser in their vehicle (which means you need 2, as if you are stopped and asked to blow into the bag, you still must have another unused one!). The only problem is that millions of the things are required and there isn’t sufficient manufacturing capacity to meet the demand. But we don’t need to worry for a while because although the law comes into force in July, there are a few months grace as you won’t be fined until the November. And even then the fine is only 11 Euros! However, the local ‘chasse’ or hunts have taken exception to this. They believe it is part of hunting culture and tradition to ‘have a few’ (starting with an alcoholic breakfast, followed by a boozy lunch and then a little something to round off the day). They have started a campaign to give them exemption and even have come up with car stickers to further their cause!! And they are deadly serious….!

Yesterday was my birthday and Roger took me shopping for a treat! Now anyone that knows me would realise this is not usually a treat as I hate shopping. But this was a bit different. We are looking for furniture for our gites and there just happens to be a Scouser who lives in the middle of nowhere about an hour south of us who sells John Lewis (amongst other) furniture. He is quite a character and we enjoy his tales of wheeling and dealing which makes the shopping experience almost pleasant! Anyway, it is a very pleasant journey through the rolling countryside and we were particularly struck by the number of pollarded trees we saw. This is a much more common practice here than in the UK and whilst the trees at this time of year look quite ugly…












…come the summer they will be stunning!

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