Posted by: kathandroger | March 12, 2012

The moon and the Marseillaise.

We had a lovely birthday lunch with some French chums yesterday. As usual lots of great food and drink, and lots of new knowledge about our new countrymen. We understood that the moon is very important when planting garden crops, and we may even heed the advice to not plant our peas until next week because the moon is waning at the moment. But what did amaze us is that the same also applies to having a haircut! It appears that if the old barnet fair is cropped in the wrong phase of the moon it will grow back much quicker and therefore more cuts will be needed! No wonder our local hairdresser is never busy when we visit, we must be going at the wrong phase. Kath has just been cropped, and I await with some trepidation waking up next to a very hairy monster.

And another thing. It just happened that the England v France rugby match was on the telly. For some reason the French always seem to leave the telly on whilst entertaining, and this time I was delighted. Dutifully Kath and I stood in front and sang the National Anthem, but we were astounded when the French could barely sing the first line of the Marseillaise. It may be a dreary dirge, but at least we know the words to our tune! And England won.

More hard labour today, mainly on laying tiles and painting, but I did find a couple of minutes to rotavate a part of the lawn which we are making into a new garden. I was not alone for long though, the chickens were there in seconds.


  1. I start plougin’ tomorrow… got to get the patch done so that Pauline can plant the spuds before Good Friday.

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