Posted by: kathandroger | March 10, 2012

Restos and the bag of marbles

It has been our annual charity day at the local supermarket. We’ve been collecting for the Restos du Coeur, the organisation that collects and distributes food to the poor. We managed to fill several boxes of tins, packets of pasta, baby food, biscuits etc etc, but the collection was definitely smaller than the past couple of years. There is certainly still a lot of belt tightening going on around here – infact probably even more than before. And there seems to be a sense of ‘Sarkozy should be sorting that out, not us…’. Wonder if that sentiment will change if Hollande is voted in – and indeed wonder whether the latter will be able to do anything different? By the way, Sarko has spent the week telling people that if he loses he will quit politics. Strange sort of rhetoric in the run up to the election. Maybe Carla is going to have to look for a new pad after all (oh, I forgot, she’s already got a few more!).

Roger has been getting excited this week. Not because our 2 kitchens are now fully fitted – and looking good – nor indeed because he has got the doors to fit in Le Verger gite, but because the redstart is back! We were sitting out having lunch the other day and there was the familiar ‘bag of marbles’ sound. We looked up to see not just Mr Redstart, but Madame was up on the roof with him, being serenaded. We’re now on the lookout for the first swallow and have our ears peeled for the first cuckoo which are expected over the next couple of weeks….  


  1. Our male Black Redstart is back too but as yet no female in sight… he is moving from post to post in the potager… resplendent in his ‘dinner suit with tails’… haven’t heard the ‘bag of marbles’ yet… but I’ve been stuck indoors doing some insulation in our new chaufferie before I need to return the scaffolding tower I was lent. The Great White Egret is still around, surprisingly, but seemed a bit put off yesterday with the arrival of all the fishermen… it was up on the tops near the road from le Petit Pressigny to Chaumassay.

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