Posted by: kathandroger | February 24, 2012

Gites for hire!

We haven’t written much about our work on our barns of late. There’s a good reason – there’s not too much of interest to report! I’ve been rattling through the rooms with the paint roller, and Roger continues to lay tiles – thousands of the bloomin’ things!

The painting of the first barn (suppose I should be calling it a gite now – doesn’t look much like a barn any more) has now come to an end. Here’s one of the finished rooms…

And here’s the mezzanine – at some 6 metres high it was not the easiest bit to paint!

This week I’ve moved over the courtyard to ‘Le Potager’ as our smaller gite is called and have painted the kitchen (the kitchen itself is notable by its absence!)..

Boudie, meanwhile, has found a nice comfy spot from which she can watch us both work – and offer the odd bark of encouragement….

In fact I think at that moment she had just been asking Roger for a bit more application  in his grouting!

So all in all things are moving along nicely. Still plenty to do – but we’re on target to be hiring out our gites by the end of May. All we need now is a few customers…any takers?

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