Posted by: kathandroger | February 15, 2012

Broad beans and long lunches

The extreme cold has finally subsided (thankfully). Today it was a positively balmy 8 degrees! The snow has all melted and we can assess the damage caused by 2 weeks of minus 10 or so on the garden. Obviously there’s not too much in it at the moment, but we did plant our garlic and broad beans back in November and both were growing well. We weren’t too sure how the beans would cope with the cold, so we covered them with fleece. Then it snowed, and we were worried the weight of the snow on the fleece would crush the beans, so we took it off. Then it got really cold and the beans were the only things without a snow covering to protect them, so we covered them again. Then it snowed… We’d pretty much written them off, but when I took off the fleece today they looked a bit squashed, but otherwise not too bad….








Pity the same can’t be said for the poor artichoke…








It was a splendid thing – the best for miles around. It would seem, however, that the thing to do was to cut it back and cover it with straw. Perhaps it might recover?

Changing the subject, we’ve made some great friends since we have been here and on Sunday it was the occasion to invite some of them around for lunch. Now we know that our french friends like to dress up, so we made the theme ‘British’ and invited them to turn up as Brits. I’d acquired the ‘Jubilee’ bunting/tablecloth/napkins kit and all was set. It seems that they were a bit stumped by the theme however, and only Annick came in costume – as Lady Di (or Lady Dee as it is pronounced here), even if the menfolk proceeded to call her Princess Margaret all afternoon. Anyway, here she is looking regal at the end of the table…







Now we’ve got the hang of these things now. Lunch can go on a bit. Everyone said they would bring something along, so we began with lots of delicious nibbles with the aperitif, followed by foie gras, smoked salmon, wild mushroom tart, leg of lamb, various cheeses and about 7 desserts! Interspersed with various games, a walk in the snow and lots of laughing lunch drew to a close shortly after 9.30 pm! A fine afternoon was had by all.

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