Posted by: kathandroger | February 9, 2012

1956 all over again?

Before Christmas and even into January when we were enjoying unseasonally warm weather and the local wildlife and plant life was lulled into a false sense of security, some of the locals kept warning us that it was just like 1956 and from the beginning of february we’d be in for a very hard cold snap. They’re clever, these locals! Our plumber reported his car showing -20 deg C the other morning. The official low seems to be -17 – still bloomin’ freezing! It would seem though that 1956 was the coldest winter on record across Europe and the second coldest in France – and it went on until May! In fact I’ve been getting a bit worried about our livestock, but it seems goats are hardy things and as long as they have plenty to eat and a shelter from the wind they are OK. Here they are tucking into some hay, whilst Boudie helps lick clean their feeding tray…

The chickens don’t like the snow on their feet, so have sought refuge in their house this week, but little by little are plucking up courage. Mind you, they are still laying – we’ve been getting 2-3 eggs a day all though the winter.

Anyway, back to 1956. If the weather is following the same patterns as then, I wondered if other events would be replicated. There were elections in the US that year – the Republicans won in the shape of Eisenhower. Maybe Romney has a chance after all? In Italy, 52 people died as a passenger liner collided with another ship off an island… Elvis made his first appearance….will the King be reborn this year? The first hard disk (5MB) was invented by IMB….and the first black and white portable TV sets hit the market. Hmm, perhaps things have moved on a little since then! And of course I went to the football league tables to see how the Boro had got on in 1956. Perhaps promotion then would signal a return to the top flight this year?? Oh well, 14th in the old second division. Probably about right…


  1. Regardless of the weather 1956 was a very good year. Some of us were born then!

    • A very good year indeed then!! (but do you remember if it felt cold??!)

  2. Hi Kath – Never mind 1956. I watched both Boro matches against Sunderland in the cup on the Beeb. We played really well with so many injuries and against an on-form Premiership side. In the replay you would have sooo proud of the local lads who have come through the academy – played their little hearts out. Followed up, of course by Henri’s late winner against them last Saturday.
    Sandra and I should be over next Friday so maybe see you all for coffee on Sunday in Descarts market?
    Jim & Sandra

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